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Letters From Loyal Customers

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January 1, 2015

Pete Sanchez, Ray and Mike in Finance went our of thier way to amke my wife and I feel like a part of the Gillman Family just like Ramsey Gillman did a long time ago.  I took Ramsey hunding in the Rio Grande Valley many years ago and my friends still remember him.  But that's another story.  I'm glad his Boys' have kept up the tradition of putting the cusotmer first.  Agian, thank you Chris!  Of course your were just a kid in the 70s but you still have done good with this Acura Dealership.

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Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2015 9:37 PM
Subject: Garrett Schultz
Hi Bob,
I want to formally recognize some invaluable customer service provided by your service consultant, Garrett Schultz.
On late Tuesday evening, December 2, 2014, our family experienced a flat tire on my 2004 Acura TSX. When I went to change it, I discovered that the wheel lock necessary to take the wheels/tires off were missing from my car. I called Gillman Acura to see if they knew where it was kept; the dealership had recently performed a 200K mile service on the car. He explained that he wasn't aware of where it was kept and the service technicians who might have access to a master lock had left work for the evening. I didn't know what to do next as I needed a way to remove the wheels from the tire first. Mr. Schultz graciously drove over to where I was (parking lot of Home Depot located on the other side of I-45) with his collection of wheel locks available from the dealership.
Unfortunately, none of the 10-15 locks he brought over fit my wheels. Knowing that our remaining options were getting limited, Garret was then helpful in securing a tow of my vehicle to your dealership.
What he did next was over and beyond the level of customer service I expected. Since I had to still complete service paperwork, I needed to return to the dealership. But, I still had my family with me to take care. Garrett then graciously drove my wife, our 2 1/2 year old daughter and me to our apartment (around 5 miles away) so that I could pick up my other car. I had to drop them off first before returning to the dealership. Without Garrett's support, that would not have been possible. 
I want to acknowledge Garrett Schultz's contributions to making a tough night far more manageable than originally thought. Thank you Gillman Acura and keep up the great service!
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Sent: Wednesday, December, 2014 8:29 PM
Subject: Thanks a Bunch!
I've been with Gillman Acura for a while, came over there to look for the new TLX, end up getting the RLX, Pete Sanchez helped my buying a lot, a family guy with a lot of knowledge as the rest of the teams which I knew most of them for years. Thanks again and we will keep coming back at Gillman.
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November 27th, 2014

This is the second Acura purchased from Gillman within the last 6 months by my family. We have been very happy with their treatment of customers, service, knowledge, hassle free negotiations and prices. The salesmen have been very good to work with. I have worked with Paul Thomas twice and he was great to work with once again with the 2015 MDX purchase. Pete Sanchez also helped with the recent MDX purchase and did a great job during the test drive of the vehicle and the overall experience for my wife and I.

Overall, We had a great experience with Gillman Acura and would strongly recommend the Gillman Acura on North I-145 to friends and family.

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August 15th, 2014

I had an AWESOME car buying experience with Gillman Acura on North Houston. After countless efforts and disappointments to find a new car a I found Andre and April to be so understanding, professional and  helpful in more ways than I can count. Andre gave me a super deal

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I had my 2012 Acura TL in for an oil change. My appointment time was 9:00 and they were ready and waiting for me. It took exactly the 2 hours I was told it would take. Extremely courteous and professional personnel at this dealership. I highly recommend Gillman Acura

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I had a persistent problem with the check emissions light, and after a several attempts Rob our Acura service advisor was able to pinpoint the problem and fix it. They were very accommodating, and provided me with a rental car that was the same model that we own, a 2012 MDX. Thanks guy's! and Great job.

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Dear Ms. Stacey Gillman and Mr. Chris Gillman:

I purchased my 2013 Acura RDX on Saturday November 10, 2012 from your Spring, Texas dealership.   My initial intention that day was to initiate the dreaded "shopping around" process to find a vehicle to purchase sometime in the upcoming three to six months.   Gillman Acura was my first stop.  I met with sales representative Shannon Taylor who, along with Ray Gagliardi, assisted me in my purchase.  It took less than one minute to fall in love with the 2013 RDX and within an hour or two I was an enthusiastic new owner.

I am very grateful to both Shannon and Ray for making my purchase an exceptional and effortless experience.  Their combined courtesy, professionalism, and diligence warranted the writing of this praise letter.  

Unfortunately, good, quality customer service is few and far between in today's society and, in many areas, outright extinct.  The service industry is replete with managers and employees who do not care about the customer and make sure that this fact is known.  Shannon and Ray definitely do not fit in that category. 

Additionally, I have since met with Jeff Libertore in the Service Department regarding the accessories I elected to add to my RDX.  He is superior!  His knowledge about the many features of the RDX have been abundantly helpful and informative and I know I can count on him now and in the future.

I am hopeful you will share this letter with Shannon, Ray and Jeff.  They have superseded my expectations and are true assets to Gillman Acura.


The team was very professional and very organized. MY SALES LADY WAS THE BEST I EVER MET. She took care of us from the start of the 1st call until the end and she still follows-up with us, making sure we are happy with our purchase.


Mr. Khalaf:

My fiancée and I own two Acuras: the very popular 2003 Acura 3.2TL, and the inaugural (2004) Acura TSX. Last year, I found and negotiated the purchase of a pre-owned 2008 Honda Fit for my father-in-law. And two weeks ago, I purchased a limited, out-of-production 2003 Honda s2000. I guess you could say we're deeply loyal to the Acura/Honda brand. So when a friend of ours called and asked for our help for a friend of hers looking to purchase a pre-owned Honda Civic EX-L, we drove them from downtown Houston to a Jaguar dealership across the freeway from Gillman Acura. Unfortunately we had an infuriating experience and were treated incredibly disrespectfully by three miscreants in golf shirts and their corpulent general manager. Despite the fact that they'd transferred the vehicle to another dealership the DAY BEFORE, some sales guy named Gary told our friend's friend to meet him at 5:00 p.m. for a test drive?knowing full well she was driving from Lake Jackson, TX for this test drive of a car that was no longer on their lot! Feeling bitter and betrayed, the four of us drove across the freeway and found the more civilized side of luxury automobile sales: Gillman. The first thing I noticed was that the salespeople were dressed in business attire and looked prepared to negotiate vehicle prices that exceed the average annual income in this country. The second was the lovely British gentleman named George (I wish I knew his last name, but I do not), who spent nearly 45 minutes of his time with us trying to offer solutions for the buyer, and even showing her a few cars similar to the one she'd tried to purchase at the stealership across the freeway. This is despite the fact that the buyer was obviously NOT an upmarket customer. Bear in mind that the experience at the Jaguar dealership left a very bad taste in our mouths. Thus, we entered Gillman with cynical attitudes?an uphill battle for any car salesperson, to be sure. But George's demeanor and sincerity quickly dissipated our foul moods. I've never encountered such a genial and sincere car salesperson. I don't think I've known one who is as knowledgeable about the brand of cars he was selling, either. He even knew the specs on my s2000. That is impressive! George was so nice that we felt guilty for not buying something from him (our friend had very strict criteria and a very limited budget, and there wasn't anything on the lot that fit the bill, sadly). But I felt respected and was treated kindly at Gillman, and THAT is something I will DEFINITELY remember when it's time for me to buy a car again. Kudos to George, and kudos to you for cultivating an atmosphere of respect and equity. I hope you retain George for a very long time. And I will definitely be back to your dealership.

Regards, Kristi


Dear Mr. Gelske,

I just wanted you to know, every time I arrive for my service appointment everyone in your department is very professional and nice. Even though they are very busy, they always take a moment to look up and say hi. Every time I arrive for service it is "outstanding".  The service men always look out for our interest, take the time to explain things and make sure I am happy and satisfied.

This last visit, I had an appointment set up for 8:30 with Robert.  I was running late and made a call to let him know. I missed your exit and was even later than expected!  Anyway, when I arrived, he said it was fine and he would fit me in.  When the car was taking a little longer than expected, he offered a loaner car so I wouldn't have to wait so long so I excepted.  He called me sooner than expected to let me know the car was ready while I was out with a friend running errands so when I arrived, he was at his "section at the counter top"  finishing with another customer.  I found out he was on his lunch hour from another service man.  Robert insisted on taking care of me.  He took the time to return my keys, walk me out to the car, and make sure I was happy with everything.  My car was even washed!  That, to me was a true example of "the customer comes first".

We have two Acuras.  We love the cars and the service that comes with them.

Thanks for your great team,



I've been meaning to contact you for over a week now to thank you once again for your excellent service.   I brought my car in July 20, you got everything working well and I have had no problems.  I appreciate your excellent work in getting my car taken care of in the time that you did especially since I remember it being a very busy day for you!  It was nice to be treated and served so well!




Buying my Acura TL on the phone was a first for me where everything was what we agreed on. I'd like to express my gratitude to you and your dealership and for your willingness to stay in contact with us after our initial meeting. I appreciated your fairness and honesty during our brief negotiations regarding the price of the new car and accessories that we wanted. I felt very comfortable with your no-pressure sales technique.


Hello Service Manager,

It is not often I give feedback at all, much less feedback on something that was not sold or done. That said I wanted to say thanks to your mechanics and service advisor for some non-work. I brought my daughters 2005 Acura TL in due to electrical system issues which have been going on for some months. She is going to school in Austin and the car would not start several times, I was sold 2 batteries, and told I had several other items to fix. Your team figured out what was draining the battery, fixed it( disconnected HFL unit which is not used), told me everything else looked good, cleaned the car and sent us on our way at no cost! We bought the car from Gilman and have had serviced there and definitely will be coming back! This is the way to build loyalty, trust and make sure to make a business thrive! Great work by team!


Dear Randy,

Thank you very much for assisting us in the purchase of our new TSX. Your staff did an excellent job explaining both the financing and the physical car to us. We will certainly send our friends to you, and be sure to thank Brian for introducing us. Thanks again.


Dear Mr. Gelske,

I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate the job Wally Mendez does for me. 

Recently, I have had both, my wife?s car and mine, in for some minor warranty issues as well as scheduled maintenance.

Wally has been very courteous and professional.  Everything he has told me he would do, he has done.  He communicates with me regarding the status of my car, which is very important to me.

I have used Wally as an example, to our associates, of a customer service person, that can help keep business and grow it.

You are fortunate to have Wally on your team!


Mr. Gillman,

    Recently we bought a car from your dealership. The experience was one to be spoken of and told to many. Many times my family and I have covered the I-45 corridor and every direction of the city to find a dealer that was honest and customer friendly. Our car buying experiences started over 15 years ago (we have never) and 15 plus automobiles later experienced what we did recently at Gillman Acura. The salesman, Raheem was excellent and very easy to work with as well as hardworking at earning our business. The night we came into this dealership we had plans to go to Toyota, Lexus and Nissan all in the same night to find the right car. We first chose to stop in at Gillman Acura becsause my husband had been communicating with Raheem via email. This alone was unusual as most dealerships play horrible and unrelenting games when you send a simple email for a price of a car. Nonetheless, we did not make it to the other dealers. Thanks to a great buying experience. However, our experience does not stop here. We had a couple of issues with the car that led us to Jeff in the service area. This experience was just as grand and was just as shocking to see someone go above and beyond his job requirement. When we received our car back we were both very impressed. My husband is not an easy person to please and his standards are far above most. When we got into our car I noticed his expression to be relief as well as pleased. Within the year, we will be working with Raheem again on a new MDX and can't wait to walk into your dealership. My family is so grateful that customer service and honesty is still a working concept in your company. These experiences will find their way into many conversations and areas of The Woodlands community.


Dear Mr. Webb, I would like to personally thank Mr. Rick Cessna for his wonderful service this past year.  My family has been in to the service department a few times for some maintenance issues which he has handled superbly.  I was very fortunate to have worked with him in resolving our automobile problems when many of the other employees at Gilman Acura were not as professional.  Due to Mr. Cessna's personal attention to my concerns, my family and I have regained our respect towards the Service department.


Ramsay Gillman:

I am writing to communicate how thoroughly impressed I am with the level of customer care I've consistently received from the Service Department at Gillman Acura of North Houston. Specifically, Ron Mascardo,
Wally Mendez, and Rick Cessna are the reasons I am a delighted repeat Acura customer.  I've been an Acura customer since 2004 when I purchased my TL. I put over 20,000 miles per year on my vehicle, so I visit the Service Department routinely to keep my car in good shape. During that time, Ron and Rick have always taken great care of me and often go well beyond typical expectations. When it came time to replace my wife's car, I purchased a fully loaded MDX from Acura North Houston based on the quality of the care they provide. I chose your product over Volvo and Lexus for that reason. When my wife takes the MDX in for service, Wally provides her the same level of outstanding care. I'm hooked.
In a couple of years when the MDX is paid off, I'll be back to Acura of North Houston to replace my TL


I feel compelled to share with you, My Gillman Experience. I came to Gillman Acura after locating a pre-owned Toyota Camry on the Gillman Acura website. I'll start by giving a bit of background. I previously worked in the housing industry and, like many companies, experienced a drastic reduction in income over the past two years. As a result, my credit score is significantly reduced. I've since been blessed to be employed, earning a decent salary, was in need of, not only a good vehicle, but a dealership of integrity and compassion that would work with me in what I consider my restoration phase. Upon my arrival at the dealership, late one rainy and cold night, Sales Consultant Yousseff Lahoud, with coat and hood to shield the rain, walked me around the lot, while he not only listened to vehicle needs/requests but showed me several vehicles to choose from. After deciding on the Toyota Camry, I met with Business Manager Misty Fox. Professional, with rapport, courtesy, and empathy, Misty walked me through the application process and explained challenges, possibilities, and next steps. The following day, I received a call from Misty to pick up my car. My car buying experience at Gillman Acura was not only painless, but pleasant, right down to the Starbucks coffee my sales consultant prepared for me while I completed my paperwork. I have made several trips to the dealership since my purchase, e.g., to pick up or drop off paperwork, and I must say that even service after the sale is worth mentioning. You have a great team at Gillman Acura. It's clear that employees put people first before and after the sale. I've shared my Gillman story with family, friends and coworkers, and needless to say, my next purchase will be a Gillman purchase. Way to go, Gillman!


 Ramsay Gillman,

I wanted to congratulate your dealership on providing our clients with a superior level of customer service.
Your exemplary client-focused performance was recently brought to my attention by an actual client of Gillman Acura, Mr. Jeffrey Royston. Mr. Royston was immensely satisfied with the level of service that he received at your dealership in the Service Department. I commend all of your staff and offer my deepest gratitude for upholding the Acura brand standards and exceeding client expectations.
Consistent focus on client satisfaction will continue to elevate your dealership and the Acura brand to heights never seen before.
Once again, thank you for providing distinguished service to our Acura clients.

Jeff Conrad
Vice President, Acura National Sales