Transmission Fluid Flush vs. Transmission Fluid Change: Which Do You Need?

transmission fluid flush vs. transmission fluid change: which do you need?

Learn when you might need a transmission fluid flush vs. change at Team Gillman Acura. Knowing if your car needs a transmission fluid flush entails understanding the type of transmission installed, in addition to following a maintenance schedule tailored for your car. Transmission fluid serves a key role in lubricating the parts within your transmission, helping to guarantee smooth gear shifts and preserving the system's overall health. Automatic, manual, and CVT transmissions might have unique requirements and schedules for a fluid flush, as outlined in your owner's manual. Adhering to the advised maintenance schedule is essential to avoid wear and tear and help prevent potential transmission issues. If you have questions about your transmission fluid, contact us, and we can guide you to understand the best practices for your vehicle's specific needs, making sure its transmission functions effectively and extends its lifespan.

Should I Get a Transmission Fluid Replacement or a Flush?

Should I Get a Transmission Fluid Change or Just a Flush?

Choosing between a transmission fluid flush or fluid change is determined by your car's current needs. A flush uses special tools and eliminates all of the old fluid, filling it with brand-new fluid. Conversely, a transmission fluid change simply drains the old fluid and re-fills it with brand-new fluid, which may leave some debris behind in the old fluid. Every car and situation is unique, with factors such as mileage, usage, and manufacturer recommendations influencing the best course of action. To make sure your vehicle receives the precise care it needs, bring it here and let our skilled techs to look over your car. They'll get you an accurate estimate, to help guarantee optimal performance for the transmission.

When Should I Change The Transmission Fluid?

When Does Transmission Fluid Need to be Changed?

There is no right answer to the frequency at which you need to change your transmission fluid. The requirement for changing your fluid can vary significantly on the car's age, the environments you drive in, and how you use the car. For example, older vehicles or those used for heavy-duty work might require more frequent maintenance than newer models or weekend cruisers. Extreme climates and tough driving conditions can also increase the need for a fluid change. It's vital to adapt the maintenance to your car's specific needs to help ensure longevity and peak performance. If you're unsure about if you need to change your transmission fluid, visit us, and we'll create a personalized maintenance plan to keep you cruising.

Signs You May Need A Transmission Flush

Signs You Should Get A Transmission Flush

Knowing when you may need a transmission flush is vital for your car's longevity. Be on the lookout for symptoms such as hard shifting gears, unusual noises during gear changes, delayed vehicle response, or if your transmission is slipping. These symptoms suggest that the transmission fluid could be contaminated with debris or possibly low on fluid and isn't effectively lubricating the internal components. For those with a used car, the unknown service history can complicate things to assess the need for a flush. Experiencing any of these symptoms? Come to us, and our knowledgeable technicians will check out your vehicle to figure out if a transmission flush is required.

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